Applicable Insurance

Campus Solutions provides $100 insurance for each box stored with us at no extra cost. To clarify, this insurance is only applicable to boxes that are lost in transit. We have yet to ever have a case of a missing box, but it is here as a protection to our customers nonetheless. Please carefully read the following stipulations: Campus Solutions does not insure the following:
  • Cash, jewelry, coins or invaluable items.
  • Mirrors or very fragile objects.
  • Any stereo or computer equipment that is not properly packed or the box shows evidence of stress or damage to the outside.
  • Any furniture that is not properly bundled and/or wrapped to prevent scratches or marks. Boxes that contain damage caused by spilled liquids will not be covered by the insurance (please see email flier)
  • Improperly packed boxes or items.
  • Cork board products.
  • All furniture will be insured if it is properly wrapped. Wear and tear of furniture may occur during the handling process.
Electronic equipment must be packed in its original boxes along with all foam packaging inserts, with bending of any flaps or sides of box in order to be insured. All equipment must fit in the box properly with no miss forming of the box. This applies to all electronic equipment! In regards to fragile items, as mentioned above, we aren’t responsible for any breakable or fragile items that are packed in the boxes we provide. Our boxes and materials are meant to support bulk items, bedding, clothes, and dorm essentials. If any breakable items are stored in the boxes we provide, you’re doing so at your own risk. Just keep in mind that our storing process involves stacking of boxes, fridges, and other furniture on one another. Every item is subject to being stacked. Just to reiterate, as long as everything is properly wrapped and packaged, and no fragile items are being stored, the moving process should run smoothly.

Terms of Service

By storing with Campus Solutions, you are accepting our Terms of Service.

1. Campus Solutions is not responsible for any mislabeled/unlabeled boxes. We deliver to the location that the box indicates unless we have documented communication with the customer.

2. Campus Solutions is not responsible for the loss of any belongings if the customer changes their future destination and fails to notify Campus Solutions in a timely manner.

3. Campus Solutions is not responsible for the packaging of the materials in the boxes we provide.

4. Campus Solutions will not refund any transaction due to unused boxes.

5. Campus Solutions is not responsible for any items that are contained inside mini fridges, plastic bins, or storage trunks that aren’t taped down securely to prevent items from falling out.

6. Campus Solutions is not responsible for any cosmetic damage done to any item that is not stored in its original box. The customer will be compensated, however, if the appliance fails to function normally once delivered.

7. Campus Solutions reserves the right to deny service to any customer whose belongings are likely to be damaged during transit or handling. A full refund will be issued.