A Few Words About Us

Campus Solutions is a summer storage company that is run by students, for students. We pick up your belongings from current residence, store them, and deliver them back to your new dorm or house before you arrive back on campus. Creating a stress-free moving experience for college students is our priority. 

Campus Solutions launched in 2011 at Xavier University and is owned and operated by students. At Campus Solutions, we strive to make the difficult task of move-in and move-out as seamless as possible by offering a convenient summer storage and moving service for college students. We currently operate at Xavier University and  we plan to expand our services to more campuses in the coming years. 

  • Convenience

    Your convenience is our priority. Let us make your move-out experience as seamless as possible.
  • Affordable

    Moving can be expensive. Don’t pay those costly shipping fees or pay for gas to make the trip to campus. We offer affordable storage options to fit every storage need.
  • Coverage

    We got you covered– literally. Campus Solutions provides $100 insurance for each box stored with us at no extra cost. 
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  • We Pick It Up

    Don’t lift a finger. Our movers will carefully transport your boxes from your room to our moving trucks.
  • Security

    Don’t worry. Your stuff is safe with us. We store your belongings all summer long in a climate controlled facility. 
  • Fast & Furious

    We offer a guaranteed one-hour pick-up window and move quickly so our customers don’t have to wait on us.


  • Insurance

    We offer up to $100 insurance on our items. No item has ever been lost in transit, but we got you covered, just in case. 
  • Two Locations and Growing

    We have two locations: Xavier University and Northern Kentucky University. 
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If you’re not happy with your service, let us know. We love to hear feedback from our customers.


  1. Stephanie Wenkel


    I spoke to someone yesterday regardiing the ability to store a tv stand. I believe the answer was yes and they were going to add it to the ad hoc pick list — but I am not seeing that has it been added. Is it an option? In terms of size I would say it is about the size of two nightstands.


    1. Dylan Mains

      Hi Stephanie,
      Thanks for pointing this out. We have added the TV stand option and here’s the link for it: https://gocampussolutions.com/product/television-stand/.

      I see you have not checked out yet. Is there anything else we can do for you? Please let us know!

      To appreciate your feedback, here’s a code for a 10% off coupon (APRIL10). You can apply it at the end of the checkout process.

      Happy Saturday!

  2. Debbie Winter

    Hi, Do you provide storage for the large desktop organizer shelves?


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