Applicable Insurance

Campus Solutions provides insurance for each stored product up to $100 for each box at no extra cost. Not only do we offer, we strongly recommend the purchase of additional insurance on products that have a value over $100. It is 5$ for each extra 100$ insurance per customer. The maximum amount of additional insurance that can be purchased is $200 per product and a considered total of up to $500 for the entire order.

Please carefully read the following:

Campus Solutions does not insure the following:

  • Cash, jewelry, coins or invaluable items.
  • Mirrors or very fragile objects.
  • Any stereo or computer equipment that is not properly packed or the box shows evidence of stress or damage to the outside.
  • Any furniture that is not properly bundled and/or wrapped to prevent scratches or marks.
  • Boxes that contain liquids
  • Improperly packed boxes or items.
  • Cork board products.

The total payout is up to $100 per product paid by the pound/estimate unless additional insurance has been purchased.
All furniture will be insured if it is properly wrapped. Wear and tear of furniture can be expected while handling.

Electronic equipment must be packed in its original boxes along with all foam packaging inserts, with bending of any flaps or sides of box in order to be insured. All equipment must fit in the box properly with no miss forming of the box. This applies to all electronic equipment!

Any damage that is not visible will not be covered. If there is no damage to the outside of the box or carton any damage is due to in proper packing.

In the event the customer does not purchase additional insurance coverage, on any product they decide to store with us, the customer agrees to any and all risk of loss by burglary, fire, storms or vandalism. The customer will not hold Campus Solutions, any employee, representatives or affiliated agents responsible for only loss of property or injury to any person that could have been insured.

Additional Insurance

Campus Solutions will provide additional insurance to any customer who requests it. The additional insurance is strongly recommended and can be purchased to cover up to $200per package, but cannot exceed $500 for the entire order. That means an additional $500 insurance can be purchased at a price of $5 per $100 of coverage.