Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Solutions offers Cincinnati’s best complete storage and moving deal. You pay once, get free boxes and packing materials, pickup, drop off, and all summer storage.

Do You Deliver To University Station?

Is that a trick question? Of course we do.

What If I Have An Item That Isn’t Listed?

Shoot us an email with the item, as well as some dimensions. We can’t store everything (futons, for example), but we can periodically do custom pricing on unconventional items. Just ask!

What size Boxes do you offer?

Campus Solutions offers 2 Box sizes to best fit your needs.

Size Dimensions (inches) Fits Cost (per box)
Regular 12 X 12 X 18 Monitor / TV
30 Pairs of Pants
35 T-Shirts
Sheets / Linens / Bedding
Large 18 X 18 X 24 30 Sweaters50 T-Shirts40 Pairs of Pants1 Bean Bag $35.00
*Fits one of the above, Not all. These are estimates to help in planning.


How Does The Storage Service Work?

It’s a short and easy process. Pick the storage pack that works for you, at the checkout page enter your school email, current and future dorm room, and the date and time you would like your things picked up. Now, just grab some popcorn as we guide you through a painless move out process. A few days before your move out, we will deliver your storage kit to the campus mail center. You will then be notified via email your supply kit order confirmation along with any tracking information if provided. During the move-out week, we will come right to your door to collect all items to be stored and delivered in the fall.

Where Is The Storage Facility Located?

Campus Solution’s storage facility is located 2.5 miles down the road from Xavier’s camus in Oakley. Our Facilities are climate controlled with 24/7 video Surveillance and 11ft fences.

How Many Boxes Should I Get?

We have done quite a bit of research around this. The average student can fit their room into a Gold Storage Pack.

What If I Need More Boxes?

CampusSolutions LLC will be available to drop off larger or additional boxes in the weeks leading up to finals. We cannot guarantee, however, that we will have supplies available, but you can reach us by calling us at 513-655-6499 or email us for quick response at

Where Do We Pick Up The Storage Packs?

We will deliver to your mail center. If you live off campus they will come to your door.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

Campus Solutions LLC accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, and E-check.  Call 513-655-6499 if you need to submit another form of payment.

What If I’m Studying Abroad Over The Summer? 

We will gladly store your belongings while you are studying abroad.

What Is The Anytime Anywhere Upgrade And When Does It Make Sense To Get It?

Anytime Anywhere Upgrade is our premium storage option. Instead of moving on our time, we more on your time. It is required when the preset dates do not match your preferred time. This is a great choice for RA’s, athletes and those who have to stay a few weeks after school, or those who are moving into houses around campus.


IMPORTANT NOTE: By storing with Campus Solutions you are accepting our Terms of Service which can be provided upon request. It’s mostly legal jargon, but here’s what you need to know:

1. Campus Solutions is not responsible for any mislabeled/unlabeled boxes. We deliver where the box says unless we have documented communication with the customer.

2. Campus Solutions is not responsible for the loss of any belongings if the customer changes their future destination and fails to notify Campus Solutions in a timely manner.

3. Campus Solutions is not responsible for the packaging of the materials in the boxes we provide.

4. Campus Solutions will not refund any transaction due to unused boxes.

5. Campus Solutions is not responsible for any damage to a box containing liquids of any kind. Storing liquids voids all warranties offered by Campus Solutions.

6. Campus Solutions is not responsible for any breakable or fragile items that are packed in the boxes we provide. Our boxes and materials are meant to support bulk items, bedding, clothes, and dorm essentials. If any breakable items are stored in the boxes we provide, you’re doing so at your own risk.

7. Campus Solutions is not responsible for any items that are contained inside mini fridges, plastic bins, or storage trunks that aren’t taped down securely to prevent items from falling out.

8. Campus Solutions is not responsible for any cosmetic damage done to any that is not stored in its original box. The customer will be compensated, however, if the appliance fails to function normally once delivered.

9. Campus Solutions reserves the right to deny service to any customer whose belongings are likely to be damaged during transit or handling. A full refund will be issued.

10. Our storing process involves stacking of boxes, fridges, and other furniture on one another. Every item is subject to being stacked.


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