What started as just an idea turned into a landmark shift in the way students move in and out of college. Campus Solutions was founded in 2010 to provide a solution for college students faced with the problem of how to transport their accumulated belongings back home. The company began as a result of the personal experiences of Campus Solution’s team members while going through college and dealing with the headaches of moving themselves or others.

We reduce the complexity of college move out to just three easy steps:

1. Sign up and receive your storage kit.

2. You pack up, we pick up and store over the summer.

3. You arrive back to school, empty-handed and in style with your things waiting on you.

4,000 boxes, 500+ customers, and an estimated 117 less road trips made by parents to haul back junk, Campus Solutions is still operating with the same philosophy, to make college students feel like ROCKSTARS by providing the most secure & convenient move out ever.